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Shree Gunj Dry Fruits and Snacks

Seedless Healthy Black Raisins (Kala Manukka)

Seedless Healthy Black Raisins (Kala Manukka)

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Why buy from Shree Gunj Dry Fruits & Snacks?

  • Price: All the Prices are Praportionate to 1 Kg of all the items so you don't pay extra for 200 Grams or 500 Grams.
  • Carefully Handpicked & Packed: All the Dry Fruits are Carefully Handpicked with the Airtight Packaging to Provide the Optimum Quality.
  • Unique Flavours Available: The Flavoured Dry Fruits and Snacks are Carefully Flavoured at a Hygenic Facility.

These Flavours are introduced to make your Snacking Intresting keeping it Healthy.

  • Open to your Feedback: We Value the Feedback of all the Customers who we Consider as a Family.

We Urge you to help us with Feedbacks so that we can keep Improving and Serving you better.

Care Instructions

  • Keep them in a cool, dry place: This will help to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Use an airtight container: This will help to keep the dry fruits fresh for longer.
  • Check the container regularly: This will help to ensure that the dry fruits are not going bad.
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